Kathy’s Kreations Bakery and Confectionary Gift Shop 

So how did Kathy's Kreations come to be? I have been baking pretty much as long as I can remember. I remember going to my grandma's house growing up and she was always baking something. One of my best memories was when she would make donuts. She would let all of us kids help her (there were 6 of us). Thinking back on it now I wonder how we all fit in that tiny kitchen. Each of us would have job to do. Roll out the dough, cut out the donuts, help fry them, put them in a brown paper bag filled with confectioners sugar and shake them up to coat them with sugar, then place them on racks to cool. But of course the best part was eating them, especially the holes. When my grandmother passed away my mom asked what of hers I would like to have. I said, all of the stuff she used to make the donuts: a large solid wood rolling pin, the donut cutter and a dented up old pan with frying basket. I thought if I had all the stuff and her recipe I could make the donuts. I have tried to make them several times but they are not quite right. It could be because the ingredients are not quite the same as back then. She did have her milk delivered. It was in glass bottles and the milk man would would put it in an insulated metal box on the porch. I remember she would skim the cream off the top when the bottle was opened. Even though I haven't mastered the donuts I still love to bake. The rolling pin is great for making biscuits which I have mastered even though I am a "Jersey Girl" and I'd never even seen or heard of a biscuit growing up. After I moved to the south I had a very good friend who used to decorate cakes. I would watch her and sometimes draw pictures on the cakes for her. She was a great cake decorator but couldn't draw very well. She once told me "as artsy as you are, you could do this". When my youngest son (now grown) was born I started to dabble in doing themed cakes for his birthday. It started pretty much as a hobby baking cakes for family and friends and giving cookie baskets and trays as gifts for Christmas. So when I lost my job and was wondering what to do everyone started telling me I should open a bakery and so I did.

Kathy's Kreations began operating in October of 2011 in the commercial kitchen of the Senator's House a successful restaurant that featured fine american cuisine and closed in 2007 when the owners retired. In June of 2013 the Kathy's Kreations expanded to the front of the house when the tenant that had been being rented it as office space moved out. The new space included an ice cream parlor, gift shop, items on consignment from other local businesses and event space know as The Shops at the Senators House.

The shops moved to the present location at 6 South Main Street (between Ophia's on Main and Studio Redwood across the street from Farmer's Hardware) on April 1, 2015 when the owners put the Senator's House up for sale. Although down-sized the shops still include the bakery, ice cream parlor and gift shop. A variety of fresh baked goods including cookies, cupcakes, and smaller cakes are available daily Tuesday through Saturday. We also do custom made gifts to order and have delivery service.

The Gift Shop

The gift shop features Gertins’ Gallery - Boyd’s Bears, Gund's plush stuffed animals, Wind Chimes, Garden Art, Christmas Ornaments, Inspirational & Whimsical Gift Items; Blue Ridge Gallery of Fine Art; Earrings by Emma; Soaps & Candles By Steve: Chris’ Collectibles – Antiques, Crocks, Oil Lamps & more, The Pantry - Local Farm Fresh Eggs from Dixons’ Poultry & Eggs, Twin Oaks Mountain Organic Blueberries (in season), Organic Apple Butter, Blueberry Preserves & Jam, Hamm’s Barbecue Sauce; Whimsical Wreaths by Samantha Biggins; Quilted Item by Betty Kilgore; and hand-painted items by Kathy Murphy along with candles, essence, baby gifts, jewelry and much more.

The Parlor Ice cream Shoppe

Featuring MOORSEVILLE ICE CREAM COMPANY Deluxe & Front Porch Hand-dipped Ice Cream

Generations of ice cream lovers continue to delight in the rich flavors of Mooresville's DeLuxe Ice Cream.

It all started back in 1924 with the founding of the Mooresville Ice Cream Company. The headline in the Mooresville Enterprise on February 21, 1924 announced, "Mooresville is to have an Ice Cream Factory." The rest... as they say... is history.

By 1947, R.C. Millsaps had bought out all of the original investors. For the next three generations, his family ran the business and Deluxe became known for its premium quality. Now, more than 85 years later, the tradition continues.

Mooresville's quality is evident in a full line of novelty, home and scoop products, including unique items such as the famous DeLuxe Nutty Cone and the Mooresville Bar.

In September 2009, a partnership of the Stamey family of Statesville and the Alarcon family of Ecuador purchased the company from the Millsaps family with a commitment to maintain and grow the DeLuxe brand and the Mooresville Ice Cream Company.

Today, as in the past, Mooresville Ice Cream is still a family-based organization that looks forward to continuing the tradition of bringing a high quality, local dairy product to market and maintaining strong ties to the community and the region.

Front Porch 

Our Roots

Since 1924, Mooresville Ice Cream has been churning out

ice cream from our creamery in downtown Mooresville, NC.

Our founders, B.A. Troutman and R.C. Millsaps, were true purists who believed that premium ice cream must be hand-crafted in smaller batches and made with the freshest cream and highest-quality ingredients - like our DeLuxe Nutty Cone, hand-scooped with an extra heaping of vanilla ice cream and nutty goodness. We’ve always believed in keeping things simple and being the best at what we do. It’s this core belief that’s made us a favorite with ice cream lovers throughout the Carolinas for decades.

The Tradition Continues

Many years ago, we were among hundreds of similar local ice cream producers scattered throughout the country. In those days, most of the ice cream was local, small batch and hand crafted just like ours (although we always liked to believe that ours was just a little bit more special). Inevitably, as the world consolidated and continued to transform, most of the local and regional parlors and ice cream craftsmen disappeared. But we’ve stood the test of time, and while a lot has changed over the years, our pride and skill in producing ice cream has remained a constant. For over 85 years now, the Mooresville Ice Cream Company has remained an independent, family-owned business proudly focused on producing consistently exceptional ice cream.

A New Ice Cream is Born

We believe Carolinians deserve a delicious, locally produced premium ice cream they can buy conveniently in their local grocery store. Inspired by our own rich heritage and the distinct tastes of the South, Mooresville Ice Cream Company proudly announces our latest creation: Carolina-churned Front Porch Ice Cream. With every taste of our uniquely crafted Southern flavors, you'll savor the fresh cream, ripe fruit, and decadent goodies in each of our homespun recipes. It’s ice cream that all Carolinians can proudly call their own. And coming in spring 2012, we look forward to seeing you at our authentic ice cream parlor, next to our original creamery in historic downtown Mooresville, where we’ll be scooping Front Porch ice cream daily. We are proud to continue the traditions of the past, as we begin new ones for future generations.

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

Why us?

We have fresh baked goods and gift items to fit any budget along with the best priced hand-dipped ice cream in town made right here in North Carolina.